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Jim's Formal Wear

It’s simple, really. We committed long ago to providing our customer with quality merchandise and service at a fair price, and we’ve been delivering on that promise ever since. For over 50 years, our expert team has gone above and beyond to provide styles, selection, and exceptional service to our customers when it matters most. It’s our passion and pledge to you. Customize your style by building a tux!


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Paul Morrell Tuxedos

Since 1975, the friendly people at PM have been dedicated to helping businesses in the men’s formal wear industry build their business. As an established rental tuxedo wholesaler, they know how important it is to have the most popular styles and colors.

Paul Morrell is committed to new and fresh fashion in the rental tuxedo industry, as well as maintaining the formal standard.  They are proponents of the bow tie and pleated shirt, but they have an enormous selection of long ties and vests. Paul Morell Formal Wear is an established distributor of high quality fashion tuxedos and accessories.


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