How To Determine What Style Tuxedo/Suit You Want

How To Determine What Style Tuxedo/Suit You Want

At some point in your life, whether it’s for a formal event or your own wedding, you’re going to have to figure out what type of tuxedo or suit to wear! This is a special task that requires a bit of understanding about the differences between the two, your personal style, and what time of year you need the outfit for. Today we’re going to help you determine what style is best for you depending on these factors!




How Do Suits and Tuxedos Differ?

A suit and tuxedo differ in many ways. In general, a tuxedo is more formal than a suit. Generally, tuxedos are reserved for evening events and should only be worn on those occasions. In general, tuxedos should not be worn before 5 p.m. Suits can be made in many colors, including lighter ones. Casual fabrics can also be used. As black is associated with a higher class and culture, a tuxedo is usually made in black or midnight blue.
Suits are more flexible in your wardrobe than tuxedos. Wearing a waist covering is not required, and you can dress up or dress down a suit. If you're wearing a tuxedo, stick to the basics


Factors to Consider

Deciding what style to wear depends on two major factors: the level of formality for the event and the season it takes place in. If your wedding is less formal and takes place in the summer, for instance, wearing a light grey suit would be ideal. However, if your wedding is black tie or semi-formal, it’s best to wear darker colors or a basic black tuxedo with more elevated pieces.


Our Favorite Picks
Below, you’ll find some of our favorite suits and tuxedos that are available to rent or buy from our retail partner, Jim’s Formal Wear!



 Michael Kors Blue Performance Wedding Suit features a comfortable fabric with sorona for maximum flexibility. It looks and feels great during your event and afterwards. This is the suit to wear when having a good time! For a three-piece suit look, pair it with matching ultra slim fit pants and a matching vest.



 Whether you're dancing or not, this suit will keep you comfortable all day long. The Michael Kors Medium Grey Performance Stretch Wedding Suit looks and feels great thanks to a unique fabric composed of CoolMax for comfort and Sorona for maximum flexibility. Make a three-piece suit look by wearing a matching vest and ultra slim fit pants!



 There is no other tuxedo like the Michael Kors Legacy. You will know you are wearing something special the moment you slip it on thanks to a unique performance stretch fabric consisting of CoolMax to keep you cool and flexible. Satin double besom pockets and a satin notch lapel characterize the Legacy. Wear it with ultra slim fit pants without stripes and with buttons to accommodate suspenders. All body types, including big and tall, will be accommodated by its ultra slim styling!



 The Sand Brunswick Suit by Allure Men is a fashionable choice for an outdoor summer wedding or semi-formal event in the fall. Stay cool and comfortable all day with this 60/40 super 130's wool blend. Two bone buttons adorn the notch lapel, while pants and vest match the jacket's ultra slim fit.



Make a bold statement when you choose Heather Grey Clayton suits - also known as Linen Grey suits. Its ultra slim styling fits all body types, even big and tall people. It’s the line's most comfortable fit and feel, made of Super 130's wool fabric, making it perfect for summer or fall weddings alike! Clayton features double besom pockets and a self-framed notch lapel. For an ultimate three-piece look, pair it with a matching pair of slim fit pants with no stripes and a matching wool vest.


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