Mother of the Bride Survival Guide

Mother of the Bride Survival Guide

Do you have a daughter getting married? Congratulations to you and your lovely daughter! You and your family are going through such an exciting time. It can, however, be a little overwhelming to figure out all the details. 

We decided to create a survival guide for our mothers since there are so many other things to prepare for besides finding the perfect dress! Read on for some advice on what your timeline should look like:



A year before your daughter's wedding, you should discuss finances with her and her partner. Make sure they're aware of any concerns and what venues are possible based on the budget you've created for the wedding if you intend to cover any costs. During this stage, you should consider the number of guests and the venue! You might want to start putting together the guest list now if your daughter and her partner are planning a large wedding. Also, you should start contacting nearby hotels to see where guests can stay. Find out what deals you can get! 

Now is the time to set up her gift registry, since soon guests will be asking for gift recommendations. Let them know where to shop! 

One of the most important aspects is your daughter's dream wedding dress. Being honest is important, but being supportive is just as important. Make an appointment with us if your daughter still needs a wedding dress!


Being a mother of the bride means that you'll have to shop for your wedding day gown. Mothers are advised to choose dresses that complement the wedding colors, are classic, and are modest on the big day so as not to overshadow the bride. If you want to look beautiful and classic, don't choose a trendy gown! Opt for something that’s more on the simple side yet makes you feel beautiful.









It is now time to plan her bridal shower with her bridesmaids. Make sure that the guest list is finalized by now, and that a few spots are available for secondary names. Choose your wedding shoes now! They should be comfortable and match your gown. 



Now is the time to get your rehearsal dinner dress! There's nothing wrong with wearing something trendy or modern for this part of the wedding. Allow for possible alterations and fittings! 



It's almost time for your daughter's big day! During this period, be sure to offer her lots of guidance and support. She will certainly need it. It's also helpful to arrange transportation for any guests at this point. 


You'll want to get your hair and makeup done, bring your camera, lipstick, and tissues, and get ready for an incredible day celebrating your daughter's marriage!


 We'd love to be a part of your daughter's wedding preparations! If you or she needs to find a dress, book an appointment with us at De La Rosa’s Bridal!